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Anonymous: What's the point in writing when the ones closest to you turn their nose up and force you in another direction? They fear for my future, but it's me who has to live it, and my will to create withers under their every glare, my happiness dims with their disapproval. I have enough problems. I shouldn't even try writing. There's so many better than me

For me, writing isn’t about making a living out of it or becoming super famous and successful, I write because I literally have to. Writing is extremely cathartic to me. It’s a very solitary medium of art, and like all other art forms, very very personal. It doesn’t matter if someone is “better” than you. It doesn’t matter whether you publish a book or win a contest or get into a journal. Write for yourself. Write because you love to write. Never stop writing because someone tells you not to. Never write for others. That’s how you exploit art and how you demean it and you disvalue it. Even if writing is not something you’ll do as a “career”, enjoy it for what it does for yourself. Let writing spread good vibes + cleanse your soul + make you happier. 

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Jeanann Verlee performs “Jezebel Revisits the Book of Kings” at Winter Tangerine Review’s One Year Anniversary


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Anonymous: how many followers do you have

at least 27

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Anonymous: On the subject of cultural appropriation.. what do you think of people who wear crosses as fashion statements? Is it okay to casually dress yourself in symbols from one culture/religion but not from another? And what about if, for instance, someone of an ethnic minority wanted to dress up as Billy the Kid for Halloween, is that not also cultural appropriation? Just wondering what you think about these

Hm. I don’t think it’s okay to wear crosses as fashion statements because they’re a really huge part of a religion and it’s just disrespectful. I don’t really know who Billy the Kid is but he just seems to be a criminal or something? I don’t really think that’s cultural appropriation because it’s a specific person. If I, as a POC, were to be like “ok dressing up as a white girl for halloween haha starbucks and crocs” or something, that’s pretty fucked up, just like if a white girl were to be like “haha dressing up like a black girl for halloween” because that’s stereotyping and generalizing an entire culture/race. Whereas if I were to be like “i’m gonna be miley cyrus for halloween” there are like specific things i’d be wearing that are irrelevant to her race. I think that makes sense. 

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Anonymous: are you kidding. OF COURSE IT'S NOT OKAY TO WEAR BINDIS IF IT'S NOT CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE FOR THE SITUATION. the bindi is extremely important within my culture, and it doesn't deserve to be marginalized into a fashion statement or to be worn casually. the significance of someone else's culture should not be an accessory to ur hip-ness. only wear it if it's actually RELEVANT TO THE SITUATION is that too much to ask for seriously.


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wait i need a good, not tacky theme that’s pretty and clean, no extra weird graphics etc etc. someone help??

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Anonymous: Why did you delete the VH post? I think it's great you called her out on it.

i’m planning on making a bigger post bcus i got a ton of messages questioning why it’s not okay to wear bindis and though i’m probably not the absolute best person to ask, i’m gonna talk about what i know on the subject of cultural appropriation and why it’s really not cool. :]

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Anonymous: Your poetry is awesome but you yourself are not a very nice person so please hold your tongue okay bye

i hope someone puts tiny bits of dog poop in your breakfast cereal :]

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