georgia says you're never coming back is a thing now wooooo

it’ll basically be my “professional” website/blog thing so yeah

i’ll reblog good art and good poems and there’s a whole about with a lot of uninteresting facts about myself wooo

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Anonymous: are you going to be at the scholastic reading on tuesday 4/29 at parsons?


7 hours ago
Anonymous: You are lovely! :)

tyyyyyyyyyy <3 ur lovely too ily

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Anonymous: How quickly do people usually find out if they got into the workshop or not?

everyone will be notified at the same time on may 30th. 

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After, my skin sagged low, a winter coat
on a pretty blue wire hanger. Abortions don’t hurt.
What hurt is the after, my mother’s coyote stare,
the red flush of my skin, the way Brooklyn bit back.

What hurt is the dirty mirror in the clinic bathroom,
the raccoon eyes, the silence of November. I did not
feel my body for two thousand days, called diners
out of state, ordered food for made up people.
I don’t like my lips anymore.

My mother’s hand a wrench around my wrist,
mean coyote eyes, forced me to stare at the sun.
I don’t like thinking about raspberries or peas
or any small, small things.

I don’t like to let down my long hair,
leave it braided, a rope to keep me attached to shore.
I leave rabbit ears on library shelves, call made up people
out of state, touch my arms but feel the inside of my thigh.

There is a grave of elephant bones in my body.
I have phantom limbs, like the soldiers who tasted napalm
in airplane peanuts, the wives who drop diamonds
in the garbage disposal after the funeral,

the mothers who lose children
in freak accidents on Ferris Wheels,
in pale blue draft cards, in clinics in Brooklyn
with smudged bathroom mirrors and dead
pink fish rotting in the sink.

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Anonymous: Just wondering: Why do you always write in lowercase letters?

im lazy lol

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Anonymous: I had a question similar to one you answered earlier, but in my case, I would be certainly be absent for two weeks. Do you think it would still be worth it to apply, or would I just be wasting everyone's time?

no it’d be gucci i think. most of the work is done on your own like you’ll get a weekly syllabus and as long as you do ur hw and upload it at a later time you’ll be fine. 

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Anonymous: I want to join this workshop so terribly, but I'm an amateur writing and don't really think my writing is up to par with all the people who will be applying :/

so apply!!!! you don’t decide if you’re amateur or if you’re bad or if you aren’t good enough. your job is to write honest work. that’s it. apply and if you get in then it’ll be so wonderful and you’ll have a kickass time learning and teaching and writing and you don’t get in, it’ll suck yes, but rejection is healthy and normal and you’ll be stronger and probably have more determination to be a better writer.

(after i get rejected from some place, i write like 10 new pieces just so i can be like “u will not stop me!!!!!” internally)

if you don’t apply you will never know if you’re work could have gotten in. just take a chance srsly don’t miss an opportunity bcus of your own self-doubt. 

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