georgia says you're never coming back
horusontheatombomb: Can you just ramble about why you dislike Catcher? I never meet anyone who doesn't go 'ohmigod amazing I can relate!!!!' after reading it.

UGH OMG holden is an annoying fucking brat and yeah you’re such a little rebel but come on man you dont ruN AWAY TO NYC AND MEET UP WITH HOOKERS AND SHIT LIKE WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING NOT EVERYONE IS A PHONY YOU ASSHOLE

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16 notes

  1. tlilz said: ALSO—I concur with this viewpoint. Wholeheartedly. This book did not even come close to changing my life and it’s refreshing to find a kindred spirit in this regard.
  2. malglories said: I hated it too.
  3. goto-sinandserotonin said: THANK YOU.
  4. horusontheatombomb said: YESSSS the book itself is well written, but everyone I know misses the point: Holden is a mentally unstable twat who signed his own death warrent. Bro is as phony as the rest. That’s the point, not that growing up is scary.
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