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Ocean big as her thighs. Ocean big as her name.

summer doesn’t come anymore - 3

part 3


it’s been a day, a week, a month, a year,
but these stories are immortalized in your mind:

1. never trust a girl with lips redder than her blood.
2. do not forget, the faye cannot lie.
3. people often see ghosts where memories hide.


lousia’s mother, anna was a pre-school teacher
who donated 10% of her earnings to charities
and said holy grace before each meal.
she never wanted children but no one gets 
what they want out of life.

lousia’s father was a simple man, who married
not for love but for stability. his eyes were a dark brown
and his lips faintly smelt like burnt caramel.
anna, who hated sugary sweets of any kind, came to like the taste.

andie’s father was a 22 year old veteran,
with lean muscles and sharp teeth that nipped and licked
at anna’s throat and the soft spot below her collarbone.
his eyes were very very blue and his hair was very dark,
a pleasant difference from her husbands. he was a janitor at the school
and they met twice a weekin the supply closet in the basement.

two months after andie was born with a flop of dark hair
and too blue eyes, anna ended her affair with a goodbye fuck
and a swear that the kid wasn’t his. her car was hit by a 18 wheeler
an hour after. no one knew whether it was an accident
but the truck driver swears she pushed the brakes too late.

lousia’s father slowly withered into himself and died soon after,
of an aneurysm, specifically a coarctation of the aorta,
which means his heart severed it’s involvement with his brain.
he seemed to have fallen in love with anna after all as  many people had before.

lousia and andie were orphans at ages 2 and 2 months, respectively
and soon forgot the parents they never really had. thankfully,
anna’s father was willing to care for the children in his home in maine
and these events that happened before the children could speak,
started and ended their lives entirely.

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