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Ocean big as her thighs. Ocean big as her name.

why does no one talk to me ever and why cant i buy nice clothing and why am i always broke forever r and why am i breaking out and why cant i even write anymore and why do i have to read the great gatsby which from the first chapter seems so fucking boring ugh

and of course why do i have to pay this stupid fucking tuition with money that i dont have ugh will 8k just mysteriously appear buried in a plastic bag in my backyard or something

  1. mustangscullaaay said: oh my god stick with gatsby. it’s so AMAZING. also, love. <3333
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  3. triedwalkingbackwards said: omg this is me 100% ahh!. except for gatsby is good i swear!! :P
  4. lispw said: The Great Gatsby is so lovely. :X
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