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Winter Tangerine Review Needs Your Help!

About a week ago, I decided I wanted to create a literary journal- one that would defy standards, one that would search for excellence and publish only the best art and writing. And I did just that! I know that a lot of literary journals would rather publish works by established artists, because unheard of artists were a risk. At Winter Tangerine Review, we like that risk, we like the experimental, but we also like the best; the poetry that spins you in seven different directions before throwing you in Venice, 1983; the prose that slowly, softly forces you into heartbreak for fictional characters; the art that only makes sense sideways, and even then, it hits you on a primal level, a raw frequency.

We want to publish the best but that’s simply impossible without funding. It took me about two days to realize how expensive Winter Tangerine Review’s publication will be. There are so many costs, it’s literally impossible for me to support it and my own tuition at the same time. We want to compensate contributors and staff members (who have yet to be notified of their positions) fully. We want to be able to have free submissions. We want to have an annual prose and poetry competition- all read blindly by guest judges, the winners receiving cash prizes. We want a lot of things, and this is all on top of the monthly costs of our Submittable account, our forthcoming website, any advertising we might have, etc, etc. This thing is expensive, and without help, it can’t happen.

I’m running a Indiegogo fundraiser, which can be found here for the next 45 days. We need $500 to get ourselves on a stable financial ground. By helping us out, with a reblog on Tumblr, a share on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter or of course, with a few dollars, you’ll be supporting an entire community of artists and writers. Honestly, just visiting the Indiegogo page will help, by bringing it to the attention of the moderators who might feature our fundraiser on their homepage. If you decide to sponsor in any way, you will not only be supporting the publication itself, but you will also be helping me reach my dreams of publishing the most worthy, talented individuals. I’m so excited to begin working on our first issue, and I’m so, so, so grateful to everyone who decides to contribute in any way.  

Remember, a reblog, a tweet and a share is just as valuable as any monetary donation! I really, really, really hope Winter Tangerine Review is a success!

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    Still waiting for an email to find out if I’ll be on staff for this, but it really is a great project, everyone should...
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    please consider donating to this! even if it’s just a dollar or two. the goal isn’t astronomical at all, so if enough...
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    Props to new lit mags trying to go the distance.
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