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Anonymous: what's your top two favorite books


a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseni

dog fight: a love story by matt burgess

i strongly strongly strongly recommend both. they’re both brilliant incredible novels with flawless characterization and writing that makes me jealous.

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Anonymous: ok but romney has helped with education. he gives funding to community colleges too. mit and harvard aren't the only colleges in massachussetts.

you’re actually  legitimately overty incredibly dead wrong. since romney became govenor, the only thing he’s done in massachussets for higher education is raise tuition costs by 59% and cut funding to community colleges by 17%. mitt romney has also stated that the only people that should get a higher education, are the people who can afford it, which just shows how out of touch he is with the majority of the nation and how incredibly entitled, inconsiderate and idiotic he is. 66% of colleges students receive financial aid and 100 million dollars have been taken out in student loans in the past year.

if mitt romney cares so much about education why the fuck has he raised tuition and cut funding to community colleges, making more people take out student loans (btw Americans now owe more in student loans than they do on credit cards) and more people start off their careers drowning in debt?


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Anonymous: um as governor, romney has helped massachussets stay the top state in education. get your facts straight honey.

what are you talking about. the education system in massachusetts has been rooted since colonial times. mitt romney isn’t what makes harvard and mit two of the most prestigious colleges in the nation and in the world. get your facts straight, honey.

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Anonymous: i really want to start writing, more than anything but i'm absolutely awful at it, i can never think of anything to write, my mind just goes blank, literally. What do i do? you're writing's are lovely.

thank you so much and i doubt your writing is awful. i don’t there anyone with dedication can have awful writing because there is always truth in a literary piece and  the truth is always eloquent, no matter how it’s told. 

well, i think you need to stop thinking. don’t think of something to write. just write. something i do every single day is write down a description of a stranger i saw. it doesn’t have to have a plot or a conflict or anything. i just write about the stranger, maybe the time of day, what i saw them doing, what they were wearing, etc. that’s what the piece ‘on the n train towards coney island on a late forgetful friday afternoon’ was about. i just saw this lovely little accordion man and wrote about him.

if you’re mind goes blank then just write about what you had for lunch or do what i do, just write about a stranger. it’s very good exercise not only for your imagery and the way you describe things, but it gets you into a habit of writing everyday. write what you know. write about your culture, write about what you do on halloween, write about love, write about your parents, just write. practice is the only thing that will make you a better writer. 

(i hope i helped. message me off anon and i’ll definitely give you more personalized help, if you like. :])

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Anonymous: Oh, please tell me there will be a part two of "The Pretty Ones?" I'm dying to know more!

I’m glad you liked it! I’m really not sure. I wrote ‘The Pretty Ones’ as a spin-off of ‘Emma’. The Stephanie that’s Emma’s little sister is the Stephanie in ‘The Pretty Ones’. Maybe I’ll write more, maybe not. For right now, I think the story is done though.

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Anonymous: i unfollowed you because everything you post you feel the need to fucking reblog like 10 minutes later and its annoying.

well, it’s a good thing you aren’t following my blog anymore!

now my annoyances will no longer bother you unless you purposely go to my blog and send me messages. ;]

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Anonymous: how do you even write so much.

 i don’t have much of a life to be honest.

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Anonymous: Your writing is just so. Unf. I would fuck it, were it tangible.

thanks boo<3

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